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The Greatest Lie Ever Told

7 Apr

Pre-school was amazing, it was the only time as a boy with no female young siblings living with me, that I was able to play with girls toys: like the kitchen set or dolls.
I wasn’t the only boy doing it – we all played with the kitchen sets, whilst the girls played with guns.
Predictably it ended in us boys fighting each other with saucepans and plastic fish fingers, leaving the girls to put down their guns and teach us how to use a kitchen correctly!


We then moved onto Primary School – learning the basics of maths, science, other subjects and English because (Big Elephants Can Always Use Snakes Eggs) we were told it would get us further in life – and this progress in life currently meant moving up a year in September!
One day in year 4 I was placed in a chair within the school hall and told I was about to do an exam – I was excited, my first ever proper exam in which everyone had to be quiet – When it was all over, it was back to normal, I never heard what mark I got.

Then, as I was in Suffolk I moved into middle school – same story leaning stuff to get us further in life. (up a year)
but something on the horizon was important: Year 6 SAT exams.

Oh dear – it might of only been about English, Maths and Science but still these were seen as important. My whole future rested on doing good in these exams – otherwise I would end up as a dustman, milkman, postman, newspaper boy!

I did alright – by the time I was a newspaper boy and in year 9. SAT’s turned up again – this time however these results led onto what we would study in Year 10 and onto GCSE’s so these were important! well….they had nothing to do with what I studied from year 10 onwards as we made our choices before the exams – but we were still made to feel these were IMPORTANT!

So here I was studying subjects like geography, business and graphic design. Feeling like I had to try hard, as these were important for my future career – whatever that would be. Tension grew as the GCSE exams got closer – the thing is these exams were important to get into 6th Form so that we could secure our future career.

So I was then in 6th form studying subjects like geography and drama. feeling like I had to try hard, as these were important for my future career – whatever that would be. lessons were now called lectures and they was a sense of being grown up! however all this preparation for exams etc was to get into university where my future really mattered.

So i was then at university studying geography and drama (do not ask about this weird mis-mash) feeling grown up and what I was trying to learn was important for my future career – what ever it may be. Exams came and went and I ended up with a 2:2!

Whoop – now what I was promised from a young age can happen!oh…..hang on i will just get a meaningless job for a while until a better job comes along…….nope nothing…….maybe i should do more studying???

As you can guess the greatest lie ever told – is not Santa being real or yellow snow is healthy to eat

It is education. the government or should i say the labour government had a policy of ‘education, education, education’ which has led many; including myself to believe; learning had the answer to success.

Now look at us – thousands of graduates unable to find that perfect end-of-studying job. I can compare this to two people I grew up with, who have become more successful

1) is the youngest Lidi manager in Europe, has a wife, two kids, a house etc

2) owns a flat, company car, is loaded and is a plumber

both of these dropped out of study after completing their GCSE’s which I assure you haven’t been of much use within their jobs. Therefore I bought into the greatest lie ever and I sometimes wonder what if……..

Currently I’m still looking for a career job, undertaking studying and hands-on experience – something tells me I’m going to be stuck in this routine for a long time!!!