Best pub in the world :– AKA – Home

9 Aug

I am now a Londoner,

Since moving here for university in September 2006, I have spent roughly 32 months listening to planes going to & from Heathrow and resenting the fact I leave near Twickenham Stadium which on match days is a pain in the arse. 

But its the other months I want to concentrate on  (quick maths – 15 months since Sept 2006 have been spent elsewhere)

And there is only one place you would of found me – and that place is what I call home – others may call it


Yes I do have a family within Pakefield and technically most of my possessions are within my parents house – but as soon as I get of the train, say hello to dad. My next statement is ‘Can you drop me off at the pub, please?’

Some may also say – ‘it isn’t the pub, its because your Lowestoft mates (Merry Men) are just sat in there’
But there is a reason for why they are sat in there – Its because its the bestest best pub in the land of unemployment, chavs, old people and occasional sunshine.

The facts to prove this are –

  • Great bar staff
  • We have our own corner
  • Small selection of beer (we don’t want to be overwhelmed)
  • Great alcoholics
  • Weekend party atmosphere
  • TV’s for sport
  • IT box
  • Pool & Darts
  • Live music
  • Lock-ins
  • conversation oddities

Maybe it is sad that the one building I care about more in the world is a pub……Well I don’t give one, it deserves the title and from next Wednesday until Sunday afternoon I will spend most of my hours at The Carlton’s bar or within our own Merry Men corner on the nice red comfy seats.

The Carlton needs you!

I Cannot wait!!!!

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