Me, The Rebel

12 Dec

Its been a few days since I was kettled within Parliament Square – and I should really write down all my thoughts on the day and other issues, instead of being the lazy, post-ideological youth that adults expect me to be.

I could go on about how kettling created violence, how a small majority of the thousand or youth there caused criminal damage. That 90% of the fires were started for the purpose of keeping us warm. That whenever someone starting running others would join in, without even knowing WTF was happening, that even a few student-on-student fights broke out and that some parents where they with their kids (age 10 & upwards)


But I won’t because you have seen the news, you have read other reports about the day & it will be pointless to repeat.
Instead I want to go on about why you should give a toss.

I can see why, some people agree with the governments measures – over half of our MP’s also agree that youth could pay up to £9,000 up front fees due to university cuts, that are happening due to the financial crises.

What I don’t see is

  • Why Vodafone and the owner of many a high-street chain Philip Green can get away without paying taxes of £6bn & £285m
  • Why the UK banks can’t have a tiny amount of fair tax added to their system of work – which could generate £20bn and still give them bonuses.
  • Why the first major casualties, regarding the financial crisis and government measures to bring us out of ‘debt’ are youth. people who haven’t even had the chance to create money or create a crisis 

So you may think ‘why should I pay for these youth to have cheap education’ or any other dribble you see as a good excuse to not caring.
but –

If the mega-rich who caused this crisis paid the same level of tax as you and me, we wouldn’t have a deficit.

Doesn’t that make perfect sense?

So now I could go on, about how all of these issues are inter-connected or how climate change could also be a further complication to this mess or that job cuts aren’t the answer to getting us out of ‘debt’ but creating jobs is
instead I am going to list links which, you should check out.
links which lead to more information or actions that you can partake inra

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