Revolution Rebel

23 Jan


I have just now gone through some old Word Docs. upon my laptop and found some interesting bullet points.

Whether I was drunk and had a remarkable brainwave or (and this is most likely the case) found a link and these bullet points resonated with me I decided to copy them for future reference who knows!


Note: If you yourself are the original scribe of the following bullet points – thank you & please tell me who the f**k you are.

  • Always experiment
  • When authorities start the gun, just keep running as fast as you can
  • Eyeballs rule – if people notice what you doing, like it, comment on it – why stop?
  • When achieve the goal, turn nice. sweet talk them, – they are now allies
  • Keep asking, keep rephrasing until they can say yes
  • When you get the microphone make sure your point is very clear
  • Get standing – if its clearly wrong stand up
  • Look for over-reaching, something that’s nuts

As you can tell, these points are all about creating change – good or bad.

and as Lady Galadriel states “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future”

– So please use these points as you see fit…….unless your BNP or Palin

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