Valentine’s movies for singles

9 Feb

So its that time of year again…imagesCA3EQI79

Couples go all googly-eyed for each other & single people state 

I don’t care about a totally consumer orientated fake holiday, produced by card manufactures; because life is so much more then giving a card to someone and anyways even if I was going out with someone I would make sure that we never-ever celebrated the holiday, because like I said its fake’

However that night, they will be trying their best not to sing along to Celine Dion’s All by myself

Therefore the best movies to stop this from happening have to

A) Have a happy-ish bittersweet ending. As a movie which ends in world destruction
    isn’t going to make you feel any better when it finishes. (Dr Strangelove)
B) Still have a love theme, after all it is Valentines day..
C) But end in no couple getting together or hinting that they will live happily ever-after. 
 Ruling out movies like Die Hard*, Pretty Woman, Most Disney films & Star Wars

Stand By Me

The greatest bromance film ever as they don’t even mention girls.
They just go on an adventure, prat about like boys do and grow closer as friends not lovers.
See the big V doesn’t have to be all about kisses.  x x


So there is this girl who is illiterate, pregnant (again) due to her father, abused by her mum and bullied – this film followers her life.
It is the most depressing sounding but most uplifting film around.
Giving you that warm ‘Thank funk, I’m not her’ kind of feeling.

Before Sunrise

It is a romance film, but one we all aspire to and wish would happen to us.
A guy meets a girl on a train. He is then stuck in the city of Vienna for the night and asks her if she would like to just hang out with him. beforesunrise
You see the chemistry between them and being single you can easily think – one day that will happen to me.

Before Sunset

How many romantic films have sequels involving the originally cast? 
Hardly any due to that ‘walking into the sunset’ conundrum. 
This however is one and it is just as perfect & suitable for the modern-day singleton.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This film, is for the newly single person who has felt their heart pulled out of their chest by a forklift truck, or felt it slowly decay as their perfect relationship crumbled.
It is a film that can give you a new perspective on life, which is very rare….

In Search of a Midnight Kiss

This movie focus’s on that other single, funk-the-world moment.
The strike of midnight on New Years night.
It works due to the fact, it gives you something to look forward to…..Maybe within 10 months you won’t be the single nit-wit you are now.
– Any Documentary focusing on issues
Your unhappy
you may be thinking Funk the world
So why not put that angry to good use, watch a documentary like Bowling for Columbine, The Cove & Food, inc.
Then go out fighting!!!!

Scott Pilgrim (MICHAEL CERA) faces off with one of Ramona's evil exes in the amazing story of one romantic slacker's quest to power up with love: the action-comedy "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World".

 * Yes they split up in future sequels, but this is about movies standing alone. 

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