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The Sarah Connor effect

6 Mar


The poodle look was so 1980s

In May 1984 a ditzy Los Angeles woman discovered some key facts regarding her future, her sons future and the rest of the human race.
A military software programme called Skynet will become self-aware in August 1997 and will destroy the world via nuclear missiles then via Austrian body building T-800 robots; her son will be the leader of the human resistance and hold the fate of the future of the human race.

Thus by 1991 she turned into a bad-ass educator to her son

‘I’m so tough I can kill dinosaurs’

Present Day: Millions of ditzy youth are discovering some key facts regarding their future, their children’s future , the rest of the human race and not forgetting all the other animals and plants. it is of course (DRUM ROLL) Climate Change.


Now – I’m not saying the future, will be totally apocalyptic with people killing each other for survival, extreme daily storms and few opportunities for food.

It can be that people really bond together as communities, share skills, help each other, have clean energy systems which gives them enough energy day-by-day.
It can be that that all the communities food is grown locally and everyone has they own little gardens. chocolate and bananas could still appear in the shops – however they would turn up in the UK via huge ships that use solar and wind power.
Multi-million enterprises could still make the world go round, but every single detail is sustainable thought out. The internet can still be running and at a faster rate then today – with the ability to make people feel like they have travelled the world without leaving their country.
If not, holidays won’t involve a quick flight, but a journey lasting weeks – made of many different forms of sustainable travel.

Our future can be all of that and more, but we don’t have forever. In fact we have a very short time and we need to follow in Sarah Connors footsteps.

So some parents may want to teach their kids on how to use an AK-47 and flip knives.

Things which will be more useful =
How to live of the land (growing your own food as well as going all Ray Mears)
living sustainable, keeping all your energy needs in top condition, how to achieve a really small carbon footprint, that community really matters, solidarity, ethical living

If we want our children to have a good life, we have to make sure they realise, there is more to life then Justin Bieber and we can make them live differently to us, better then us. We just have to turn a little bit bad-ass