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The past & the future

20 May

Hello all

Firstly a big thank you, to all those that have check out blog posts so far.
Here is a Halloween photo for your amusement>

All the blogs before this post have been pulled from old blog sites & those blog site/ organisations I have had the pleasure of writing for.

A round of applause for

This blog is going to be made up of certain categories

  • Green > The blogs which deal with environmental, climate change thoughts, issues and events
  • from other > Many blogs have appeared upon other sites & thus it is always good to reference them
  • Film > I love watching films and it is about time I tell you the films you really need to watch
  • Music > the same goes for music
  • uncategorized > I sometimes do social media HTML stuff for organisations, and this is how I store all of them.
  • WTF > Just general updates on my odd life

So, one more time THANK YOU & a brand new blog will appear this weekend!

Revolution Rebel

23 Jan


I have just now gone through some old Word Docs. upon my laptop and found some interesting bullet points.

Whether I was drunk and had a remarkable brainwave or (and this is most likely the case) found a link and these bullet points resonated with me I decided to copy them for future reference who knows!


Note: If you yourself are the original scribe of the following bullet points – thank you & please tell me who the f**k you are.

  • Always experiment
  • When authorities start the gun, just keep running as fast as you can
  • Eyeballs rule – if people notice what you doing, like it, comment on it – why stop?
  • When achieve the goal, turn nice. sweet talk them, – they are now allies
  • Keep asking, keep rephrasing until they can say yes
  • When you get the microphone make sure your point is very clear
  • Get standing – if its clearly wrong stand up
  • Look for over-reaching, something that’s nuts

As you can tell, these points are all about creating change – good or bad.

and as Lady Galadriel states “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future”

– So please use these points as you see fit…….unless your BNP or Palin

Best of 2010

27 Dec

Around the globe, the nerds, “The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wasteoids, dweebies, dickheads” have procrastinated and made the kind of viral links that will tickle anybody’s funny bone.

Thus here are the links of 2010, you should look at, ponder at and laugh about.

  • So this year saw the chocolate sweet giant, Cadbury’s got took over by the bigger chocolate giant Kraft. If only it merged with Nestle……
  • HA————choo!
  • XKCD: A great web-comic, that is all about romance, sarcasm, math and language.
  • Logorama: The winner of 2010 Short Animation Film Oscar, is all about a freaky world that is based around logo’s. Ronald McDonald is a freak and the Hairbo kid is a little shit.
  • Scarface School Play: Why have parents decided to make kids act out a film with 399 swear words? Fudge knows
  • Nerd audition: This below nerd and virgin made an audition tape to some sort of crap TV show; he took it of the internet and someone put it together again and back on the internet. Thus starts the chain reaction, of the nerd becoming the evil genius his, voice deserves.
  • Scary cows…..scary cows
  • If this is true, we can time travelto star in Charlie Chaplin movies
  • Hide your kids, hide you wife: if you haven’t seen this news video or its remix then you are truly out-of-tune.
  • 27bslash6: is the most funny, annoying twat out there. Here is his how he can piss off a cat lover
  • Lol

Me, The Rebel

12 Dec

Its been a few days since I was kettled within Parliament Square – and I should really write down all my thoughts on the day and other issues, instead of being the lazy, post-ideological youth that adults expect me to be.

I could go on about how kettling created violence, how a small majority of the thousand or youth there caused criminal damage. That 90% of the fires were started for the purpose of keeping us warm. That whenever someone starting running others would join in, without even knowing WTF was happening, that even a few student-on-student fights broke out and that some parents where they with their kids (age 10 & upwards)


But I won’t because you have seen the news, you have read other reports about the day & it will be pointless to repeat.
Instead I want to go on about why you should give a toss.

I can see why, some people agree with the governments measures – over half of our MP’s also agree that youth could pay up to £9,000 up front fees due to university cuts, that are happening due to the financial crises.

What I don’t see is

  • Why Vodafone and the owner of many a high-street chain Philip Green can get away without paying taxes of £6bn & £285m
  • Why the UK banks can’t have a tiny amount of fair tax added to their system of work – which could generate £20bn and still give them bonuses.
  • Why the first major casualties, regarding the financial crisis and government measures to bring us out of ‘debt’ are youth. people who haven’t even had the chance to create money or create a crisis 

So you may think ‘why should I pay for these youth to have cheap education’ or any other dribble you see as a good excuse to not caring.
but –

If the mega-rich who caused this crisis paid the same level of tax as you and me, we wouldn’t have a deficit.

Doesn’t that make perfect sense?

So now I could go on, about how all of these issues are inter-connected or how climate change could also be a further complication to this mess or that job cuts aren’t the answer to getting us out of ‘debt’ but creating jobs is
instead I am going to list links which, you should check out.
links which lead to more information or actions that you can partake inra

“The Sound Of Music” & Why It Scares The Funk Out Of Me

23 Sep

I’ve watched Eraserhead, The Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and countless other films that by there originally description can be seen to freak and scare people witless. However for me, a hit Rodger & Hammerstein musical involving a nun, a lovely family and beautiful mountain scenery is the one that sends shivers down my spine – Till this day, I have only seen it once.
(Note:  At the time of viewing I was sober; not drunk or on some hallucinating drugs. In addition to create this blog, I could only read the script)   

  • The beginning starts like The Shining– camera panning over mountain scenery – What happened within the Kubrick film? A flipping bleeding elevator!
  • The nuns act like Maria, is a mental nut – just because she always likes going outside & singing! They seem to have a totalitarian 1984l ook on the world
  • Von Trapp family. TRAP. Clue is in the name – just like Damien in The Omen, Dr Evil, Scrooge etc.. 
  • The children had 12 governesses , before Maria (think Damien from The Omen X 7* killing everyone of them 
  • All the kids are in age/height order! That is too precise – Did the Nazi’s & their genetic experiments start before the war with the Von Trapp’s?  Note the blond hair, blue eyes of some of the kids.
  • German names – OK Austrian, but they still sound evil.
  • Captain Trapp bounds about, sticking to orders & running by the book. In comparison Maria is a hippy. I’m sure at the time this was made (1963) America did not like hippies or communists.
  • My Favourite Things’– is sung during a thunder & lighting storm…..think satanic verses
  • Do-Re-Mi’ – More like a spell for a potion, just like those 3 witches in Macbeth.
  • By the time the Captain returns from somewhere– The children are happy to wear lederhosen made out of flowery curtains???  
    No child can be that happy, wearing Lederhosen! What has Maria done? Cast them under a spell using both of those previous songs –  Which were led by her & have the children join in by second chorus, boosting the satanic verse and spells magical properties.
  • So long Farewell’ – Sounds like a pre-emptive firing squad song before they FIRE.
  • The way Maria talks about being in love with Captain is more like she is being hypnotised into loving him “I could hardly breathe. -Did you let him see your feelings? -I don’t know. That’s what’s torturing me. I was on God’s errand.”

This video agrees with my theory that something creepy is going on

Now I know musical’s have impromptu signing and dancing. But each song here is used as a form of escapism to such a far extent from Nazi’s or feelings. That how can it be right? Its like stating, that we could of kept the Nazi’s from taking over Europe if we just sang songs. I bet the Von Trapp’s in the sequel, would reprise ‘My Favourite Things’ whilst bombs were dropping – and little Brigitta Von Trapp laid on the floor with her guts hanging out.

They just can’t sing until it goes away – & thus that is why it freaks me out.

* Though yes, in The Omen his nanny is a servant of the Devil – However could/does Maria fulfil the same role?

The Only Hero The World Needs

21 Aug

Brad Pitt could play him in the movie

During the early 90’s, Superhero cartoons and TV shows were kicking ass.
There was the Marvel cartoons of Spiderman and X-men, Power Rangers and this guy


The most righteous, camp, mullet haired superhero ever!
He has no clear super ability, so he is able to do basically anything!                                                  

In addition he taunts baddies with puns and has the amazing catchphrase of – The Power Is Yours.


So what’s his deal then

Gaia (Mother Earth) wakes up and finds out that the human race is destroying the planet, so she sends out 5 magic rings that control elements of nature (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Heart) to 5 special youngsters named the planeteers, who then travel the world defeating the bad guys.
If they are really in trouble they put the power of the 5 rings together and BAM, Captain Planet saves the day.

FACT: Many famous actors voiced characters in the 113 episodes – Jeff Goldblum, Meg Ryan, Whoopie Goldberg, Sting, Dan Ackroyd &  Elizabeth Taylor


the Eco-Villains are the best though-

  • Hoggish Greedly: Pig like human representing overconsumption
  • Looten Plunder: Greedy businessman representing uncontrolled capitalism
  • Duke Nukem: A radioactive mutant to do with nuclear power
  • Verminous Skumm: A rat creature representing poor sanitation
  • Dr. Blight: Mad scientist who uses uncontrolled technology
  • Captain Pollution: Opposite of Captain Plant (obviously) He once reproduced the 5 rings into evil  versions of Radiation, Deforestation, Smog, Toxics and Hate.

FACT: Has the title for first ever kids cartoon, to deal with HIV/Aids and to mention sex.

The episodes are very over-the-top. In the episode ‘Polluting by Computer’ the Eco-Villains break into the government computer system and change all the National Parks stats so they can dump toxic waste there……..OK some of you are now saying that’s not that far fetched. 

It would be great if Captain Planet returns to the screen. Teaching more kids about the issues around climate change, waste, sanitation and all things sustainable. Its message would be as clear as ever, as every kid knows about recycling and wind-farm these days.
I think they just need two more Eco-Villains – one to do with oil and the other to do with government.

Who else agrees with me?

Best pub in the world :– AKA – Home

9 Aug

I am now a Londoner,

Since moving here for university in September 2006, I have spent roughly 32 months listening to planes going to & from Heathrow and resenting the fact I leave near Twickenham Stadium which on match days is a pain in the arse. 

But its the other months I want to concentrate on  (quick maths – 15 months since Sept 2006 have been spent elsewhere)

And there is only one place you would of found me – and that place is what I call home – others may call it


Yes I do have a family within Pakefield and technically most of my possessions are within my parents house – but as soon as I get of the train, say hello to dad. My next statement is ‘Can you drop me off at the pub, please?’

Some may also say – ‘it isn’t the pub, its because your Lowestoft mates (Merry Men) are just sat in there’
But there is a reason for why they are sat in there – Its because its the bestest best pub in the land of unemployment, chavs, old people and occasional sunshine.

The facts to prove this are –

  • Great bar staff
  • We have our own corner
  • Small selection of beer (we don’t want to be overwhelmed)
  • Great alcoholics
  • Weekend party atmosphere
  • TV’s for sport
  • IT box
  • Pool & Darts
  • Live music
  • Lock-ins
  • conversation oddities

Maybe it is sad that the one building I care about more in the world is a pub……Well I don’t give one, it deserves the title and from next Wednesday until Sunday afternoon I will spend most of my hours at The Carlton’s bar or within our own Merry Men corner on the nice red comfy seats.

The Carlton needs you!

I Cannot wait!!!!


27 Jun

This is a pointless blog really, because we all know how fantastic naps are.
Whether they take place mid-morning, lunchtime, on the train, at work, when you get home from work, continually throughout the day – NAPS ARE BRILLIANT.

I bet one day a scientist was caught on the job napping and instead of getting sacked he was able to get away with ‘research’ thus studies have been done stating that it can lower stress levels, increase productivity, improve memory, boosts energy and creativity as well as improves health all round. I even read that it will make you live longer!

Cats figured this out centuries ago. We state man’s best friend is the dog but in reality we want to be cats – going about our business not caring about boundaries or being told off, catching birds, staring into the vague distance like we notice something no human can comprehend and of course just sleeping all day long.
my favourite napping place is the couch. any couch seems to have the ability to make a proper nights sleep uncomfortable, but a 40min power nap an amazing life-affirming experience


Many would agree with this, managers and mothers will say otherwise and will rabbit on about being a lazy, no good, wasteful cretin!

YAWN, Well I am now quite tired, 218 words is a lot and I feel like I deserve a quick nap.


31 May

Gone are the days of drinking until I passed out or vomited – or vomiting and then passing out. 
When I was 16/17/8/19 I was invincible.  The only thing that could stop me, was a bouncer or shop keeper asking for I.D.

Here follows a diagram of a hangover

Getting old is not about getting wrinkles, having creaking joints or going grey and bald – its  all about losing that ability to drink and not suffer a hangover.

As a teenager I could continue and continue and continue drinking without having a hangover day in-day out. It  seemed to be my superhuman power.

Now however I have to spend a whole day in pain, for just several hours of enjoyment. Smart people or Yoda would say ‘why do it, if this is the case’ and my case point back to them is a mumbled ‘I dunno’

During those brief hours I really do achieve nothing – I hardly try chatting up girls – as it just turns comedic, I spend to much money and I dance (ish)  it is the only real chance we have to socialise. (unless it be a AA meeting)

Therefore, the only way to live with hangovers is to respect them; drink water before bed, eat before bed, not drink too much………………………..OK we forget the last one. however what we should do is raise a glass of alcohol and say CHEERS to hangovers – now that’s respect.

The next four years with Mr Cameron

16 May

I am currently 23 years of age – thus in four years time I shall be 28 (Eeek!)

why am I stating this? well that is the next time the UK will vote in the general elections (maybe)

So we have a coalition government between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. Now one of these parties I like, the other in my mind can shove it up their caviar spewed asshole.


75% of youth would agree with me, hardly anyone between 18-25 is a fan of the Tories. Though the majority of our age group like the Lib-Dems.

Now I’m not here to ramble, to try and make you make change etc.. no I’m here to tell you about the benefits of having a Tory Prime Minister.

Yes you heard correctly – you are going to hear why it is good that we have a Tory government from a person who hates what they stand for.

1) Riots

The Greece riots, have come about due to the financial crisis- apparently riots could appear within the UK for the same reason within the next four years. Who will we blame – the Tories of course. bring in new government.

(Though I sometimes feel rioting will be cool, I’m a Gandhi man by heart and would rather resolve issues via peace protests)

2) Music

Dear old Thatcher and Major – you were both of your time, you did not know what you were doing. sure some look at you 18 years in power with fond memoirs – but most remember it a bit differently & when you look back to this time they is usually a great soundtrack.

This soundtrack consists of musicians, who wanted to get their point across – nearly all musicians are to the left (honestly I cannot think of one musician with right tendencies) So between 1979-1997 we had Joy Division, The Smiths, New Order, Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses, Oasis, Blur and more – all who had songs with political, social, culture references to having a Tory government.

Though the last 13 years of Labour has given us great UK bands that will be remembered forever (umm………hang on……..they must be one………Aritic Monkeys?…maybe…well just they first album) nothing compares to the Tory Days

3) Arts

Tories hate art, especial art made after the fall of the Empire. Trust me. I studied Drama and though I realised that it was a load of BOLLOCKS the one thing that interested me was – how the Tory government of the 80’s pretty much stopped all funding for the arts. Pissing all those art-lover types off and leading to art with a political twist just like music. When labour came along in 1997 funding went back into the arts and BAM National Theatre, Tate Modern sprang out of nowhere and the population realised art was not dead. it was just kept locked up waiting for funding. Question is will this Troy government do the same, thus art going underground then springing back to life like a punch in face – I kinda hope so.

4) Youth

Like I said youth do not really like the Conservatives, they all know the stories left over from the 80’s. Think of it this way though – it is usually youth who get involved in riots, peace protests, music and other arts.  With the Lib Dems being part of the coalition, we also think we have a greater voice within government.

Now is the time for us to turn the table on those baby boomers – if we have a fantastic voice within the media, why not the government? if we are the ones that create the culture of today, why can’t we help the children of today create the culture of tomorrow?

I still have that teenage attitude of thinking the older generation suck- this fuels me to make change. like the little rebel I am.

So open a can, eat some cake and lets celebrate that the Tories are in power as it empowers us youth to get rid of them and have a better future.