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Best pub in the world :– AKA – Home

9 Aug

I am now a Londoner,

Since moving here for university in September 2006, I have spent roughly 32 months listening to planes going to & from Heathrow and resenting the fact I leave near Twickenham Stadium which on match days is a pain in the arse. 

But its the other months I want to concentrate on  (quick maths – 15 months since Sept 2006 have been spent elsewhere)

And there is only one place you would of found me – and that place is what I call home – others may call it


Yes I do have a family within Pakefield and technically most of my possessions are within my parents house – but as soon as I get of the train, say hello to dad. My next statement is ‘Can you drop me off at the pub, please?’

Some may also say – ‘it isn’t the pub, its because your Lowestoft mates (Merry Men) are just sat in there’
But there is a reason for why they are sat in there – Its because its the bestest best pub in the land of unemployment, chavs, old people and occasional sunshine.

The facts to prove this are –

  • Great bar staff
  • We have our own corner
  • Small selection of beer (we don’t want to be overwhelmed)
  • Great alcoholics
  • Weekend party atmosphere
  • TV’s for sport
  • IT box
  • Pool & Darts
  • Live music
  • Lock-ins
  • conversation oddities

Maybe it is sad that the one building I care about more in the world is a pub……Well I don’t give one, it deserves the title and from next Wednesday until Sunday afternoon I will spend most of my hours at The Carlton’s bar or within our own Merry Men corner on the nice red comfy seats.

The Carlton needs you!

I Cannot wait!!!!


31 May

Gone are the days of drinking until I passed out or vomited – or vomiting and then passing out. 
When I was 16/17/8/19 I was invincible.  The only thing that could stop me, was a bouncer or shop keeper asking for I.D.

Here follows a diagram of a hangover

Getting old is not about getting wrinkles, having creaking joints or going grey and bald – its  all about losing that ability to drink and not suffer a hangover.

As a teenager I could continue and continue and continue drinking without having a hangover day in-day out. It  seemed to be my superhuman power.

Now however I have to spend a whole day in pain, for just several hours of enjoyment. Smart people or Yoda would say ‘why do it, if this is the case’ and my case point back to them is a mumbled ‘I dunno’

During those brief hours I really do achieve nothing – I hardly try chatting up girls – as it just turns comedic, I spend to much money and I dance (ish)  it is the only real chance we have to socialise. (unless it be a AA meeting)

Therefore, the only way to live with hangovers is to respect them; drink water before bed, eat before bed, not drink too much………………………..OK we forget the last one. however what we should do is raise a glass of alcohol and say CHEERS to hangovers – now that’s respect.