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Youth of past present and future

14 Aug

In this video, around 3.40mins a young person states ‘The youth aren’t the leaders of tomorrow, they are the leaders of today.’

Not only that, this video is full of further statements saying that governments should act for our future, groups of people getting together to shout, Chant, annoy and protest for there to be great change. Problem is, this video is from the Earth Summit 1992
19 years ago, the same actions and concerns of today were being acted out. In a depressive way, you could conclude that we have not moved a single foot towards a sustainable future.

Next year Earth Summit 2012 will take place, where issues of sustainable development will be discussed (again) and just like in the above video, expect young people to tell it straight, governments saying the time to act is now and large groups of people chanting and maybe holding hands…
This may sound like pre-defeatism, but from a point-blank view this is how it looks.
Not everyone hardly anyone knows how far we have come since 1992. Especially when thinking about youth involvement.


When governments noticed that young people are important, are the future and are the leaders of tomorrow – there was still a focus on adults teaching young people skills and knowledge or arranging events. Whether they were paid or voluntary, this emphasis on engaging, inspiring and motivating youth like we were at school lasted until quite recently.
In fact you could say it lasted until those youth of 92 who were involved in the Earth Summit and who understood that we are the leaders of today, grew up into official adults.

Here is the theory:
Youth of the early 90’s involved in sustainable development found themselves in their working adult lives taking up those positions of ‘teaching’ a younger generation to be motivated, engaged and inspired. They used their own tales for this purpose; believed in us being the leaders of today and told us to go out there and just do-it ourselves and BINGO! – what you have is an increase in youth involvement, with little adult involvement.
Of course, this is not shunning all adults, we still need you to teach us complicated things, give us opportunities and network contacts.

However now a youth who wants to volunteer and get involved has the ability to search the Internet and find people the same age, discussing the concerned issues on a local/national/global scale. These youth may of even set up there own organization growing in numbers and totally youth led, they may even gain opportunities to attend youth congress’s, powershift’s, or UN meetings.

The best thing about this though – Us youth of today will grow up and be the adults

who turn around to the next generation and say you are the leaders of today.
We did this, you can go on and do so much more –  a pyramid scheme of influence leading to more youth getting involved at an early age, pushing all the issues connected to and involving sustainable development into the forefront.

We are on the cusp of all youth really, truly being the voices of not only the future but today.


14 May

The UN is complicated; meeting after meeting – involving long words, sectioned paragraphs and endless conversations on wording.
Imagine if J.K. Rowling had to present a Harry Potter book to a commitee, who whould then spend time studying every sentence.
To see if it makes sense, if everyone understands that sentence the same way and if any comma is in its right place.
Yep thats the UN.

It takes ages to get anywhere and why many state that the UN should be shut down.
However this morning it worked – it actually bloody worked.
It took a whille, of course.
They was a moment when the meeting was all about the use of the word ‘relevent’ but education concerning climate change has now a fixed set of paragraph statements, each with a nicy shiny number/letter next to them.
I think everyone in the room wanted to cry with happiness

The Only Hero The World Needs

21 Aug

Brad Pitt could play him in the movie

During the early 90’s, Superhero cartoons and TV shows were kicking ass.
There was the Marvel cartoons of Spiderman and X-men, Power Rangers and this guy


The most righteous, camp, mullet haired superhero ever!
He has no clear super ability, so he is able to do basically anything!                                                  

In addition he taunts baddies with puns and has the amazing catchphrase of – The Power Is Yours.


So what’s his deal then

Gaia (Mother Earth) wakes up and finds out that the human race is destroying the planet, so she sends out 5 magic rings that control elements of nature (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Heart) to 5 special youngsters named the planeteers, who then travel the world defeating the bad guys.
If they are really in trouble they put the power of the 5 rings together and BAM, Captain Planet saves the day.

FACT: Many famous actors voiced characters in the 113 episodes – Jeff Goldblum, Meg Ryan, Whoopie Goldberg, Sting, Dan Ackroyd &  Elizabeth Taylor


the Eco-Villains are the best though-

  • Hoggish Greedly: Pig like human representing overconsumption
  • Looten Plunder: Greedy businessman representing uncontrolled capitalism
  • Duke Nukem: A radioactive mutant to do with nuclear power
  • Verminous Skumm: A rat creature representing poor sanitation
  • Dr. Blight: Mad scientist who uses uncontrolled technology
  • Captain Pollution: Opposite of Captain Plant (obviously) He once reproduced the 5 rings into evil  versions of Radiation, Deforestation, Smog, Toxics and Hate.

FACT: Has the title for first ever kids cartoon, to deal with HIV/Aids and to mention sex.

The episodes are very over-the-top. In the episode ‘Polluting by Computer’ the Eco-Villains break into the government computer system and change all the National Parks stats so they can dump toxic waste there……..OK some of you are now saying that’s not that far fetched. 

It would be great if Captain Planet returns to the screen. Teaching more kids about the issues around climate change, waste, sanitation and all things sustainable. Its message would be as clear as ever, as every kid knows about recycling and wind-farm these days.
I think they just need two more Eco-Villains – one to do with oil and the other to do with government.

Who else agrees with me?