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“The Sound Of Music” & Why It Scares The Funk Out Of Me

23 Sep

I’ve watched Eraserhead, The Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and countless other films that by there originally description can be seen to freak and scare people witless. However for me, a hit Rodger & Hammerstein musical involving a nun, a lovely family and beautiful mountain scenery is the one that sends shivers down my spine – Till this day, I have only seen it once.
(Note:  At the time of viewing I was sober; not drunk or on some hallucinating drugs. In addition to create this blog, I could only read the script)   

  • The beginning starts like The Shining– camera panning over mountain scenery – What happened within the Kubrick film? A flipping bleeding elevator!
  • The nuns act like Maria, is a mental nut – just because she always likes going outside & singing! They seem to have a totalitarian 1984l ook on the world
  • Von Trapp family. TRAP. Clue is in the name – just like Damien in The Omen, Dr Evil, Scrooge etc.. 
  • The children had 12 governesses , before Maria (think Damien from The Omen X 7* killing everyone of them 
  • All the kids are in age/height order! That is too precise – Did the Nazi’s & their genetic experiments start before the war with the Von Trapp’s?  Note the blond hair, blue eyes of some of the kids.
  • German names – OK Austrian, but they still sound evil.
  • Captain Trapp bounds about, sticking to orders & running by the book. In comparison Maria is a hippy. I’m sure at the time this was made (1963) America did not like hippies or communists.
  • My Favourite Things’– is sung during a thunder & lighting storm…..think satanic verses
  • Do-Re-Mi’ – More like a spell for a potion, just like those 3 witches in Macbeth.
  • By the time the Captain returns from somewhere– The children are happy to wear lederhosen made out of flowery curtains???  
    No child can be that happy, wearing Lederhosen! What has Maria done? Cast them under a spell using both of those previous songs –  Which were led by her & have the children join in by second chorus, boosting the satanic verse and spells magical properties.
  • So long Farewell’ – Sounds like a pre-emptive firing squad song before they FIRE.
  • The way Maria talks about being in love with Captain is more like she is being hypnotised into loving him “I could hardly breathe. -Did you let him see your feelings? -I don’t know. That’s what’s torturing me. I was on God’s errand.”

This video agrees with my theory that something creepy is going on

Now I know musical’s have impromptu signing and dancing. But each song here is used as a form of escapism to such a far extent from Nazi’s or feelings. That how can it be right? Its like stating, that we could of kept the Nazi’s from taking over Europe if we just sang songs. I bet the Von Trapp’s in the sequel, would reprise ‘My Favourite Things’ whilst bombs were dropping – and little Brigitta Von Trapp laid on the floor with her guts hanging out.

They just can’t sing until it goes away – & thus that is why it freaks me out.

* Though yes, in The Omen his nanny is a servant of the Devil – However could/does Maria fulfil the same role?