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27 Jun

This is a pointless blog really, because we all know how fantastic naps are.
Whether they take place mid-morning, lunchtime, on the train, at work, when you get home from work, continually throughout the day – NAPS ARE BRILLIANT.

I bet one day a scientist was caught on the job napping and instead of getting sacked he was able to get away with ‘research’ thus studies have been done stating that it can lower stress levels, increase productivity, improve memory, boosts energy and creativity as well as improves health all round. I even read that it will make you live longer!

Cats figured this out centuries ago. We state man’s best friend is the dog but in reality we want to be cats – going about our business not caring about boundaries or being told off, catching birds, staring into the vague distance like we notice something no human can comprehend and of course just sleeping all day long.
my favourite napping place is the couch. any couch seems to have the ability to make a proper nights sleep uncomfortable, but a 40min power nap an amazing life-affirming experience


Many would agree with this, managers and mothers will say otherwise and will rabbit on about being a lazy, no good, wasteful cretin!

YAWN, Well I am now quite tired, 218 words is a lot and I feel like I deserve a quick nap.