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Plastic bags

15 May

Plastic bags are the scorn upon our environmental lives. I am one of those people who always state at the counter ‘ I would not like a plastic bag please’ then on the way home I silently grrrr at those holding a plastic bag.

Of course I have joined up with the Greener Upon Thames

plastic-bag-free campaign. aiming to persuade the UK government to ban, or introduce a realistic levy on plastic bags within London but hopefully leading to a zero-waste world.

But I have a problem, no matter how hard I try, how hard I make my housemates change to taking a bag-for-life – they seems to be a big collection within a draw. waiting for that day, in which they will be put to use.
But what use? what can be down with a huge collection of bags?

A hat hat

An internet search has come up with all these good- if sometimes odd ideas.

  • Protectors – for shoes, cookbooks, hands,
  • As knee pads, sandals and rain hats
  • wrapping paper
  • plant pot filler
  • wet umbrella holders
  • make-shift chopping board
  • paintbrush perseveres
  • small bin bags
  • dog leash
  • decorative wall flowers
  • door snake, to stop drafts
  • For knitting
  • handing them down generation-to-generation, just in case they come in use.

Or of course we can recycle plastic bags at certain depot’s however – they seem to be few and far between.


Do you have any more ideas on plastic bag usage?