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Green Parks

16 May

reporters field

As you may of heard recently Richmond Borough achieved 9 Green Flag Awards for 9 of our fantastic parks.

Our reporter in the field – Went out to investigate

To achieve a Green Flag Award, the park must comply with 8 key features.

  • Be a welcoming place
  • Healthy, safety and secure
  • Clean and well maintained
  • Sustainable
  • Conservation & heritage
  • Community involvement
  • Marketing
  • Management

Well as I travelled the stretch of the borough from East Sheen to Hampton, peeking a look at the parks or sitting on the grassy verges to rest my weary feet – you could tell how these parks stood out.
For one they had people in them, doing a range of activities and on another point,  the parks did not just feel like an open space – playgrounds, kiosks, tennis courts, cricket pitches skate parks, flower beds, scenery and wildlife make them feel homely and fit the bill for Cliff’s song ‘English Country Garden’

  • Twickenham Green, Twickenham. Or as I like to call it Twickenham Cricket Stadium
  • Hatherop Park, Hampton. A little gem, tucked into the corner of the Borough
  • Palewell Common and Field, East Sheen. A mini Richmond Park, shhh don’t tell the tourists
  • York House Gardens, Twickenham. Fact. this location stars in the Michael Caine movie ‘Alfie’
  • Terrace and Buccleuch Gardens, Richmond. You must have legs of steal, to climb the hill here

    You must climb the hill here

  • The Kings Field, Hampton Wick. Huge field + skate park = the place where all the cool sporty youngsters go
  • Richmond Green, Richmond. Sometimes its quicker to take a detour via the green, then to walk the narrow High street
  • Kneller Gardens, Twickenham. Just built a new play park and kiosk + it has an added bonus of being next to the River Crane
  • Radnor Gardens, Twickenham. It may flood once in a while, but you have to give it credit for its River Thames views

In addition, If you live near to these parks and would like to becoming involved, many have their own group which REN aids and supports. http://www.richenvironmentnet.org.uk/Groups-database.aspx

As its the Summer and you are stuck with the kids for several weeks – then take this opportunity to search these parks, greens, gardens and fields out. – happy wandering.


Plastic bags

15 May

Plastic bags are the scorn upon our environmental lives. I am one of those people who always state at the counter ‘ I would not like a plastic bag please’ then on the way home I silently grrrr at those holding a plastic bag.

Of course I have joined up with the Greener Upon Thames

plastic-bag-free campaign. aiming to persuade the UK government to ban, or introduce a realistic levy on plastic bags within London but hopefully leading to a zero-waste world.

But I have a problem, no matter how hard I try, how hard I make my housemates change to taking a bag-for-life – they seems to be a big collection within a draw. waiting for that day, in which they will be put to use.
But what use? what can be down with a huge collection of bags?

A hat hat

An internet search has come up with all these good- if sometimes odd ideas.

  • Protectors – for shoes, cookbooks, hands,
  • As knee pads, sandals and rain hats
  • wrapping paper
  • plant pot filler
  • wet umbrella holders
  • make-shift chopping board
  • paintbrush perseveres
  • small bin bags
  • dog leash
  • decorative wall flowers
  • door snake, to stop drafts
  • For knitting
  • handing them down generation-to-generation, just in case they come in use.

Or of course we can recycle plastic bags at certain depot’s however – they seem to be few and far between.


Do you have any more ideas on plastic bag usage?

REN F.book

14 May


REN is an umbrella body that supports and promotes community-based environmental and sustainability activities within the London Bourough of Richmond upon Thames, England, UK 

We work with residents, voluntary groups, charities, schools and social enterprises (civil society). In addition, REN has its own projects, programmes and subgroups to deliver an increase in community environmental activity and responsability, biological diversity, sustainable thinking and practice in the borough to foster the more prudent use of resources.

Our specific aims:

Goal One:- To improve capacity of local charitable sector environmental and sustainability organisations and to provide advocacy.

Goal Two:- To increase engagement of the public around environmental issues and voluntary activities/ work.

Goal Three:- To protect, conserve and increase biological diversity.

Goal Four:- To promote prudent use of resources within the community, charitable sector, organisations and schools.

This encapsulates our activity on See full size image See full size image, blogs and other social media engines to promote local events, groups and important environmental and sustainability news – Giving you valuable internet links and letting you gain the stories and information from those concerned about our local environment.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens  can change the world. Borough. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has”. -Margaret Mead.


So please sign up become a fan and help create fantastic change within the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames


Direct links:- Email http://richenvironmentnet.org.uk/Contact_Us.aspx 

Address –

3 Phoenix Wharf

Eel Pie Island



Richmonds Green Drink

5 Apr


greendrink Image Map