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My Climate Squad action

16 May

For COP16, whilst working for the youth intiative Climate Squad. We decided to each do a 24hour carbon cutting challenge, here is the details on mine.

My punishment, sorry my ‘challenge’ was to give up gadgets for the day.

If you were to tell my 16 year old self to do this – it would be near impossible. Back in those days I had TV, Playstation 2, mobile phone, laptop and Hi-Fi on 24-7

Nowadays, I have calmed down. Technology allows me to only need a mobile and laptop to catch up on TV, find interesting internet links and stay connected with friends.

I also find myself having little space or with the opportunity to own a TV and game console and being the environmental-nerd I am, I’m used to switching off appliances when not in use.

So this was more of a battle of wills – going back to the 1990’s when being connected with the world 24-7 was still a dream or part of a movie plot line. 

I was to keep off Facebook, Twitter and my mobile.

Total disconnection.  

Within minutes of waking up, I wanted to tweet- ‘flippin’ hell, I am late for work due to having to switch my phone of as a challenge’  – there was an obvious problem in doing this.

I wanted to text mates about the nights plan – Instead I had to really on the small belief chat we had two days before and that they would be still turn up at said place at said time.

I wanted to Facebook state “I may OD on mince pies this Christmas!!!’


However come Saturday morning I moved back into my old ways – checking the back catalogue of updates in case they was anything interesting (there wasn’t) and texting my mate to find out if he did that thing, with that thing that stood by the door of that 8th pub we went into. 

But did I save carbon? Well…


Just check out this watch?v=QPty-ZLbJt0


A twitter employer (probably the best job ever) has worked out each tweet you send equals 0.02grams of C0². Thus using some quick maths: I spend 58kg of carbon per year tweeting!) 

Mobile phones:

Roughly 47kg of carbon per year – roughly as it does depend on its manufacture, transport, how often you use it, how long you keep it, how you use it (texting, calling, internet) and what network you use.


To me, the challenge and writing this blog has been one of those cases in which you realise everything you do affects the world around you and creates carbon.

So maybe it is worthwhile ever-so-often, to switch off and notice the world around you, just to rein back those social media carbon emissions and notice clouds floating by.

After-all humanity has been around a lot longer then @Stephenfry twitter account.

REN F.book

14 May


REN is an umbrella body that supports and promotes community-based environmental and sustainability activities within the London Bourough of Richmond upon Thames, England, UK 

We work with residents, voluntary groups, charities, schools and social enterprises (civil society). In addition, REN has its own projects, programmes and subgroups to deliver an increase in community environmental activity and responsability, biological diversity, sustainable thinking and practice in the borough to foster the more prudent use of resources.

Our specific aims:

Goal One:- To improve capacity of local charitable sector environmental and sustainability organisations and to provide advocacy.

Goal Two:- To increase engagement of the public around environmental issues and voluntary activities/ work.

Goal Three:- To protect, conserve and increase biological diversity.

Goal Four:- To promote prudent use of resources within the community, charitable sector, organisations and schools.

This encapsulates our activity on See full size image See full size image, blogs and other social media engines to promote local events, groups and important environmental and sustainability news – Giving you valuable internet links and letting you gain the stories and information from those concerned about our local environment.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens  can change the world. Borough. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has”. -Margaret Mead.


So please sign up become a fan and help create fantastic change within the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames


Direct links:- Email http://richenvironmentnet.org.uk/Contact_Us.aspx 

Address –

3 Phoenix Wharf

Eel Pie Island



Richmonds Green Drink

5 Apr


greendrink Image Map