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The issues with climate sceptics

4 Jun

OK number 1 reason why there is a problem, is that they are wrong;

This is the kind of statement which will lead to sceptics themselves commenting on this blog and purposely leaving their own scientific
findings for why climate change is a myth/ conspiracy/ fairy-tale.

Of course, they are entitled to their opinion.
I used to be sceptical of Marmite, thinking it was made by the devil; but one day I decided to try it, I didn’t particularly like it, I won’t fight for it but I came to mutual understanding that some people really do care for Marmite and its future.

Anyways I believe the science behind climate change, as scientists are a lot smarter and spend more time studying the facts compared to myself and tons of other people around the globe.

Though, even with B GCSE science & maths grades I can make a perfectly correct climate change equation.

CO2 + atmosphere = OMG

See its really simple – only 23 characters long and made up of 5 words..ish

Or it can be shown via a talking penguin or a funky video

Now look at this

How? What? 4826 words of something or other

This is teeth x-rays, right...

Actually its labelled as –
Zonally-averaged distributions of predicted temperature change in ºK at CO2 doubling (2xCO2 – control), as a function of latitude and pressure level, for four general-circulation models (Lee et al., 2007).


Now why can’t the sceptics shorting this whole argument to a few words or a Marmite metaphor or art?

And that’s they problem, along with other conspiracy theories

They need to use so many words, use graphs that make sense to no one, unless they are on hand to explain and they need to look at so many out-of-this-world tiny details that our brains become fuzzy.

So much so that Climate Change for all its future horror is just a more simply idea to digest, even if some do not rate it high on there agenda.

And if you dare to look at this video involving Lord Monckton, just concentrate on the audience, how old are they?

Competition Time: If a climate sceptic would like to comment on this, I bet you can not keep their argument under 100 words. (no links) If you are able to, you shall receive a Fairtrade biscuit.

If no climate sceptic can, then I guess you will just have to suffer the fact that those who believe in climate change are able to use more persuasive arsenal like art, humour and simply terms to justify their thoughts and are also going to outlive most of your OAP followers.

Tough break.

What is a Post-Environmentalist?

23 May

A Post-Environmentalist is a term environmentalists use to make themselves seem up-to-date and cool.

OK there is a bit more to it then that, Post-Environmentalism is a new way of thinking for creating long-term sustainable change and not just hugging trees like normal environmentalists.
Scrap that, lets call them Retro-Environmentalists.

Tube armies...

Of course the Post-Environmentalist movement isn’t going to last that long though, because its going to be followed by the Hipster-Environmentalists, who live and dress like Retro-Environmentalists, but think like Post-Environmentalists.
& thus maybe, just maybe everyone will get sick of the word environmentalist.


As you may of guessed I am already pretty sick of the use of the Post-Environmentalist words, as it is now being used as a means of people differentiating themselves from Retro-Environmentalists.
But I can not fathom how they are able to do this, whilst using the same E word.


So, lets first take a step back to look at the basic ideology of this ‘PE’.
Micheal Shellenberger & Ted Nordhaus wrote a paper in 2004 called The Death of Environmentalism  which stated that for the last 40 years the environment has been thought of as a thing and has not included all the other encompassing aspects of politics, economics culture etc..
Which are fundamental when looking at a world wide issue like climate change.

It makes good points, which all make sense to me and I would follow
(Yes, meaning that I can now can be classed as a PE)
However since 2004 this term has moved onto dismissing other RE ‘customs’ or stereotypes.
No PE would go

  • and hug trees
  • wear macs and green stuff
  • say the word peace
  • do direct action of the illegal kind

 + As I haven’t done any RE type stuff, then how can I be a PE? Surly I’m now just an E..

What we have here is  misplaced name syndrome.
Its like calling the Sex Pistols a Post-Rock& Roll band; Yes there are in essence, but everyone those them as a punk band.

So here’s the challenges for all us Post Environmentalists, we need a better name.
& I don’t mean, setting up a think-tank for a better name otherwise we could have something just as horrible as the Toyota Picnic.

Why Picnic. WHY!?!

Taking Punk as another perfect example, it was originally just the name of a fanzine that commented on the early 70’s New York band scene.

Thus I’m thinking out there somewhere, in the Post-Environmentalist world is a name already being used that today’s PE’s can take as their own.
Then when those Hipster-Environmentalists come along, they will also create they own name and we can all be under the same Post-Environmentalist banner.

Right… Anyone got any ideas of where to look?

The past & the future

20 May

Hello all

Firstly a big thank you, to all those that have check out blog posts so far.
Here is a Halloween photo for your amusement>

All the blogs before this post have been pulled from old blog sites & those blog site/ organisations I have had the pleasure of writing for.

A round of applause for

This blog is going to be made up of certain categories

  • Green > The blogs which deal with environmental, climate change thoughts, issues and events
  • from other > Many blogs have appeared upon other sites & thus it is always good to reference them
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  • Music > the same goes for music
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  • WTF > Just general updates on my odd life

So, one more time THANK YOU & a brand new blog will appear this weekend!

The issue with going green

16 May

So you are going green, fantastic?

You feel like the sky-rocketing trend of rising temperatures, melting ice caps and C0² levels isn’t just a coincidence at that you, your community, your government and the world should move towards a sustainable future ASAP.

Therefore you decide to cut down your meat intake, dust off your bike and search for gadgets that reduce your dependency on mains electricity and use the free power of the sun and wind.

So it is only right if you turn round to your housemate and state – ‘look I should not pay an equal amount on the electricity bill as I use a lot less mains electricity energy then you do!’

Now this can seem a little bit pragmatic; but as solar power gets more powerful and smaller (just like those things called computers)

Folks will start to power their mobiles, laptops and heat produce appliances like kettles or hair straightness.

But they will still be those stuck in dark ages, which use things like plugs and have stuff on stand-by, who will complain about ‘You live here, so you should pay equally amount!’

Solution: Buying an energy monitor, which you would then look at constantly- seeing the peaks and troughs of kWh’s and calling it precious and thus becoming a Gollum of the energy world.

 Turn off that lightses!!!

 You would then produce graphs explaining to said housemate, the difference in electricity energy use and within a short time either

  • Converting them to a carbon Gollum or
  • Having them move out.

 It is a fine line between being uber carbon efficient or a (swear word)

There are more subtle ways to introduce housemates to carbon efficiency – showing how much money is saved, reeling of stats on how evil the stand-by button is and getting them to understand that many of their bad carbon habitats are more useless then actually saving power/ using your own body.

Example: I had a housemate who always switched the hall light on. No reason for it, the street light outside lit up the hall enough to read a novel; so why switched on the light just to see 0.001% better?

My cheeky solution was to take the bulb out. So he just thought it was broke and thus stopped switching the switch.  – Result!

Have any of you had similar issues? Have you resolved them?

VAT busting

16 May

As you may know all ready, quite a lot of people are complaining about money issues.

Complaining about student fee’s, tax dodgers and now VAT rises…

At 12.00am 1st January 2011 pretty much everyone in the land shouted out Happy New Year!

However 5 days in and already – VAT has increased by 20% !!!!!!!!!!

As you can guess, with this being a carbon orientated blog – I can go on and on about how driving you car less, saves money on the VAT and on carbon etc. etc..

However there is another important point to Vat, and that’s food. 

  • Vegetables do not attract VAT unless they are ‘ornamental’, such as a cabbage ‘grown for its appearance rather than consumption’.

Thus turning veggie, seems quite an acceptable method of saving money (and carbon)


  • Famously, no VAT is paid on Jaffa Cakes, but only after a long court battle with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, which included showing the judge a 12-inch Jaffa Cake to prove it is a cake (no VAT), not a biscuit (VAT).


What a perfect combo of low cost, low carbon food. – Veg and Cakes

Some of you, may now be thinking.

‘I cannot bake and I cannot cook any veg stuff’

Well take a minute and think of all those high street shops and supermarkets, with cake aisles and vegetable sandwiches, veggie ready meals and raw carrots.

Of course, this isn’t a precise science and maybe a full diet of cakes and veg isn’t entirely healthy.

But if your money is low and you are hungry well…

Read more on VAT:


Green Jobs

16 May

I am one of those people that aims for a green job; a career that in whatever small way leads to being a savour of the world.

Reasons for this:-

  • Climate change is happening, within the 24 years of life – I am able to give hundreds of examples of it destroying environments and peoples lives.
  • I love the idea of working within a communication sector that is not all about profit, but aims to create great change individually, within a community, a nation, a continent, a whole planet!
  • I have grown up with superhero’s on the brain and without coming into contact with radioactive material or wearing my pants on the outside, this is the nearest I get to saving the world

They is a slight issue with this career goal however.

The United Nations Environment Programme define Green Jobs as

Work in agricultural, manufacturing, research and development (R&D), administrative, and service activities that contribute substantially to preserving or restoring environmental quality. Specifically, but not exclusively, this includes jobs that help to protect ecosystems and biodiversity; reduce energy, materials, and water consumption through high efficiency strategies; de-carbonize the economy; and minimize or altogether avoid generation of all forms of waste and pollution.*

which covers quite a lot of different varied jobs – so how come – there are so few about?

OK that’s a little white lie. Day-by-day in my search for the perfect full time job, they has been a general small increase in opportunities and roles that involve some sort of sustainable, environmental aspect.

Its just none seem applicable for graduates.
you need ‘at least 2-3 years experience’ a ‘blah blah blah qualification’ and a ‘high level of something you never were taught at university’ 

Therefore the only way to get a job is to work hard get those years of experience behind you so that one day you will get that fantastic job and you will in turn push aside those recent and growing number of graduates aiming for a green job.

Will this continue?

Will the unbelievable happen and an army of green jobs appear that have been promised for the last couple of years by the government and others?

This of course, does not include clothes on the floor

Will companies, organisations, groups charities etc realise that whilst these recent graduates do not have 2-3 years of labour behind them –  they are keen, they want to save the planet and they can actually pick things up quite quickly.

Maybe..We the graduates have to be the ones to push this to happen.
If we can complain to friends and family about the job situation, why can’t we push this to those who could make the change.

After all we are now voters, We will be joined by 4/5 years of new voters. What can stop us?**


**The only answer I am accepting is global destruction.

A new weapon against lazy people

15 May

The other week, this article appeared within the London Metro

World’s oldest woman Antisa Khvichava turns 130:
Antisa Khvichava, a woman from a remote village in west Georgia, has turned 130, making her the oldest person in the world by 16 years, officials claimed.

Yes, this claim is suspect. Being born in 1880, losing her birth certificate and having a child at 60, who is now himself 70.

But what about the official oldest people in the world – Eugénie Blanchard (1896-) Walter Breuning (1896-) and the UK record holders Eunice Bowman (1898-) and Claude Choules(1901-)

What is the one thing they all have in common apart from being old, grey and wrinkly?

Whenever a journalist comes knocking on their door asking ‘why they have lived so long’ secretly hoping that they will state ‘oh, I’ve got the fountain of youth in my back garden’
The boring answer they actually receive is ‘I keep myself busy and working.’

Now, I have lived through the lazy teenage years, eating sweets and playing the latest GTA consistently. However I now find myself being uber busy, undertaking more opportunities and roles then physically possible, whilst also being addicted to twitter and chocolate digestives. With the added bonus of believing I’m fitter and healthy then ever!

So when my friends say ‘I cannot be bothered to recycle because it takes too much energy’ or ‘doing community work is pointless as I know one day I will move somewhere else’

Due to the presented evidence I can say something along the lines of –
If you recycle, if you do community work, if you do all the environmental and sustainable stuff that is, as evidence suggests good for the planet – you will keep yourself consistently busy and working hard just like Antisa Khvichava the oldest woman in the world has been doing for the last 130 years!

What is more persuasive then that? Living forever and annoying your great-great-great-great-great grandchildren. Due to helping save the planet,

So yes, this blog has just confirmed and given you further artillery in turning people and friends green.
Use it well.

The Sarah Connor effect

6 Mar


The poodle look was so 1980s

In May 1984 a ditzy Los Angeles woman discovered some key facts regarding her future, her sons future and the rest of the human race.
A military software programme called Skynet will become self-aware in August 1997 and will destroy the world via nuclear missiles then via Austrian body building T-800 robots; her son will be the leader of the human resistance and hold the fate of the future of the human race.

Thus by 1991 she turned into a bad-ass educator to her son

‘I’m so tough I can kill dinosaurs’

Present Day: Millions of ditzy youth are discovering some key facts regarding their future, their children’s future , the rest of the human race and not forgetting all the other animals and plants. it is of course (DRUM ROLL) Climate Change.


Now – I’m not saying the future, will be totally apocalyptic with people killing each other for survival, extreme daily storms and few opportunities for food.

It can be that people really bond together as communities, share skills, help each other, have clean energy systems which gives them enough energy day-by-day.
It can be that that all the communities food is grown locally and everyone has they own little gardens. chocolate and bananas could still appear in the shops – however they would turn up in the UK via huge ships that use solar and wind power.
Multi-million enterprises could still make the world go round, but every single detail is sustainable thought out. The internet can still be running and at a faster rate then today – with the ability to make people feel like they have travelled the world without leaving their country.
If not, holidays won’t involve a quick flight, but a journey lasting weeks – made of many different forms of sustainable travel.

Our future can be all of that and more, but we don’t have forever. In fact we have a very short time and we need to follow in Sarah Connors footsteps.

So some parents may want to teach their kids on how to use an AK-47 and flip knives.

Things which will be more useful =
How to live of the land (growing your own food as well as going all Ray Mears)
living sustainable, keeping all your energy needs in top condition, how to achieve a really small carbon footprint, that community really matters, solidarity, ethical living

If we want our children to have a good life, we have to make sure they realise, there is more to life then Justin Bieber and we can make them live differently to us, better then us. We just have to turn a little bit bad-ass

Valentine’s movies for singles

9 Feb

So its that time of year again…imagesCA3EQI79

Couples go all googly-eyed for each other & single people state 

I don’t care about a totally consumer orientated fake holiday, produced by card manufactures; because life is so much more then giving a card to someone and anyways even if I was going out with someone I would make sure that we never-ever celebrated the holiday, because like I said its fake’

However that night, they will be trying their best not to sing along to Celine Dion’s All by myself

Therefore the best movies to stop this from happening have to

A) Have a happy-ish bittersweet ending. As a movie which ends in world destruction
    isn’t going to make you feel any better when it finishes. (Dr Strangelove)
B) Still have a love theme, after all it is Valentines day..
C) But end in no couple getting together or hinting that they will live happily ever-after. 
 Ruling out movies like Die Hard*, Pretty Woman, Most Disney films & Star Wars

Stand By Me

The greatest bromance film ever as they don’t even mention girls.
They just go on an adventure, prat about like boys do and grow closer as friends not lovers.
See the big V doesn’t have to be all about kisses.  x x


So there is this girl who is illiterate, pregnant (again) due to her father, abused by her mum and bullied – this film followers her life.
It is the most depressing sounding but most uplifting film around.
Giving you that warm ‘Thank funk, I’m not her’ kind of feeling.

Before Sunrise

It is a romance film, but one we all aspire to and wish would happen to us.
A guy meets a girl on a train. He is then stuck in the city of Vienna for the night and asks her if she would like to just hang out with him. beforesunrise
You see the chemistry between them and being single you can easily think – one day that will happen to me.

Before Sunset

How many romantic films have sequels involving the originally cast? 
Hardly any due to that ‘walking into the sunset’ conundrum. 
This however is one and it is just as perfect & suitable for the modern-day singleton.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This film, is for the newly single person who has felt their heart pulled out of their chest by a forklift truck, or felt it slowly decay as their perfect relationship crumbled.
It is a film that can give you a new perspective on life, which is very rare….

In Search of a Midnight Kiss

This movie focus’s on that other single, funk-the-world moment.
The strike of midnight on New Years night.
It works due to the fact, it gives you something to look forward to…..Maybe within 10 months you won’t be the single nit-wit you are now.
– Any Documentary focusing on issues
Your unhappy
you may be thinking Funk the world
So why not put that angry to good use, watch a documentary like Bowling for Columbine, The Cove & Food, inc.
Then go out fighting!!!!

Scott Pilgrim (MICHAEL CERA) faces off with one of Ramona's evil exes in the amazing story of one romantic slacker's quest to power up with love: the action-comedy "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World".

 * Yes they split up in future sequels, but this is about movies standing alone. 

“The Sound Of Music” & Why It Scares The Funk Out Of Me

23 Sep

I’ve watched Eraserhead, The Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and countless other films that by there originally description can be seen to freak and scare people witless. However for me, a hit Rodger & Hammerstein musical involving a nun, a lovely family and beautiful mountain scenery is the one that sends shivers down my spine – Till this day, I have only seen it once.
(Note:  At the time of viewing I was sober; not drunk or on some hallucinating drugs. In addition to create this blog, I could only read the script)   

  • The beginning starts like The Shining– camera panning over mountain scenery – What happened within the Kubrick film? A flipping bleeding elevator!
  • The nuns act like Maria, is a mental nut – just because she always likes going outside & singing! They seem to have a totalitarian 1984l ook on the world
  • Von Trapp family. TRAP. Clue is in the name – just like Damien in The Omen, Dr Evil, Scrooge etc.. 
  • The children had 12 governesses , before Maria (think Damien from The Omen X 7* killing everyone of them 
  • All the kids are in age/height order! That is too precise – Did the Nazi’s & their genetic experiments start before the war with the Von Trapp’s?  Note the blond hair, blue eyes of some of the kids.
  • German names – OK Austrian, but they still sound evil.
  • Captain Trapp bounds about, sticking to orders & running by the book. In comparison Maria is a hippy. I’m sure at the time this was made (1963) America did not like hippies or communists.
  • My Favourite Things’– is sung during a thunder & lighting storm…..think satanic verses
  • Do-Re-Mi’ – More like a spell for a potion, just like those 3 witches in Macbeth.
  • By the time the Captain returns from somewhere– The children are happy to wear lederhosen made out of flowery curtains???  
    No child can be that happy, wearing Lederhosen! What has Maria done? Cast them under a spell using both of those previous songs –  Which were led by her & have the children join in by second chorus, boosting the satanic verse and spells magical properties.
  • So long Farewell’ – Sounds like a pre-emptive firing squad song before they FIRE.
  • The way Maria talks about being in love with Captain is more like she is being hypnotised into loving him “I could hardly breathe. -Did you let him see your feelings? -I don’t know. That’s what’s torturing me. I was on God’s errand.”

This video agrees with my theory that something creepy is going on

Now I know musical’s have impromptu signing and dancing. But each song here is used as a form of escapism to such a far extent from Nazi’s or feelings. That how can it be right? Its like stating, that we could of kept the Nazi’s from taking over Europe if we just sang songs. I bet the Von Trapp’s in the sequel, would reprise ‘My Favourite Things’ whilst bombs were dropping – and little Brigitta Von Trapp laid on the floor with her guts hanging out.

They just can’t sing until it goes away – & thus that is why it freaks me out.

* Though yes, in The Omen his nanny is a servant of the Devil – However could/does Maria fulfil the same role?